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My Challenge to WordPress

April 12, 2012

There are very few things everyone can agree about these days.  We are such a diverse society that everyone has an opinion on everything.  What is the one thing we all have in common?  We are all really angry about something.  What do you think about when you think of diversity?  Black and white?  Gay and straight?  Latino?   Blonde vs. brunette?  Religion?  Diversity is not so well-defined.  Nobody fits into any one category.  So when things happen in this world – when a law is passed, an action is taken, or a decision is made there are always those who agree and those who disagree.  Some of us benefit and some of us suffer.  The terms right and wrong are absolutely meaningless.   (I know this isn’t some profound revelation)

Politicians are generally viewed as self-serving, arrogant and out of touch.   I’m not saying they aren’t, but before you make that judgment let me give you a challenge:

Choose 5 distinct political or social issues you feel strongly about.  Be specific, and write down your stance on that issue and how you would go about fixing it.  Be realistic.  Don’t say “education needs to get better, so I think we should hire new teachers and give every student a private tutor”.  That’s vague and completely unreasonable.  Now, if you have the balls, (sorry ladies, you know what I mean) post it on wordpress.  How many people can you find that will agree with you on all 5 points?  Let’s make it a competition – whoever has the most complete agreement on all 5 issues gets a prize.  (activate ratings on your post and have your readers use the stars to represent the number of ideas they agree with)

Imagine you are running for a major political office and you have the public support to solve 3 or 4 of these major problems, but the only way to get the votes to be elected would be by changing your stance on the fifth.  Is it worth it?  Would people find you dishonest?  Would they commend you for being selfless enough to sacrifice one of your personal values for the “greater good”?

One of life’s great paradoxes is our belief in democracy and diversity.  How do we balance them?  How do you make decisions when either way you are going to make one person happy and another person angry?

The only thing that has kept me from jumping off a bridge in this ridiculous world is the knowledge that people are not inherently evil and in their own minds they believe they are making the right decision.  I quote the great philosopher and visionary Ice-T: “Don’t hate the playa hate the game”.

And if you decide to take my challenge let me know!  I’m extremely curious to see what would happen, and I really love being proven wrong because that is the best possible way to learn.

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