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Call a Doctor, I Think I’m Coming Down With a Mild Case of Republican

April 13, 2012
Governor Mitt Romney of MA

Governor Mitt Romney of MA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, if you ever told me that I’d be watching a republican presidential candidate speak at an NRA convention –and find myself agreeing with most of what he is saying –I would promptly kick you in the you know what.  Let alone Mitt Romney, who was governor of the great state of Massachusetts during my formative teaching years.  But I’m woman enough to admit that I actually did.

Don’t worry; I’m not going all religious right or anything.  I agree with a lot of the ideas behind what he said, but not the implications.  I don’t think Obama is attacking freedom, but freedom is definitely in danger.  I believe that he is pursuing what he believes to be the best plan to get things right in our country.  We often accuse politicians of being out of touch with us simple folk, but I actually believe that Obama is a little too in touch.  If you’ve read anything else I have written so far, you will notice a common theme – life is a bitch for almost everybody right now.   President Obama gets it.  He sees the struggles of the people and he is sincere in wanting to help, so he throws a lot of money around to fund really good causes.  The problem is that there are a LOT of good causes out there.  Think about it; if a bill came across your desk with a 14 point plan to provide puppies to terminally ill children who lost their parents in a natural disaster for the low low price of 2.4 million dollars, would you say no?  That kind of stuff is everywhere, and it adds up.  (If you look through blogs online for 30 minutes you’ll find yourself making donations left and right just so you can sleep at night.)  When you put government money into a program, you need oversight and regulation.  That’s pretty common sense.  The only problem is that the guy you hired to run the program is allergic to dogs and doesn’t like children.

Romney was dead on about one thing.  Whatever the cause, our system stifles and discourages individuality and independence.  You have to fill out so much paperwork and pay so many fees to do anything these days it makes me go absolutely insane.  He made an excellent point when he said that the biggest victim of our system is all of the dreams and ideas that never even get attempted because the odds are so stacked against us.

Someone very close to me is from a large family with a lot of siblings.  They used to go around the neighborhood as kids mowing lawns, shoveling driveways and raking leaves to make some money.  I often wish I knew them back then because it always makes me chuckle.  One brother kept with it and it turned into a successful business.  And that is the story of the John Deer Corporation.  Just kidding.  But it really did become a successful landscaping business.  Could that even happen anymore?  The parents would get arrested for violating child labor laws, and the kids would have bad credit to this day because they never filled out an I-9.  But child labor laws are important!  Our children need to be protected!  Well of course they do you idiot, everybody agrees on that.  But do you really think letting children do odd jobs to save up for that college degree that won’t get them anywhere is really going to lead to sweat shops and rampant child abuse across the United States?  Let’s have a little more faith in each other.

In case you haven’t noticed, you can’t fart in your own bathroom anymore without someone posting it on YouTube.  When social injustices occur, it hits the news and things get done.  Most of the biggest problems all of our systems are in place to prevent are corrected not by the system itself, but by common citizens who see something wrong and speak up.  Do we really need red light cameras in Los Angeles?  It’s not like any of the cars are moving anyway.  Sure they prevent a few accidents here and there – but preventing a fender bender at 3 miles per hour isn’t exactly saving lives.  And then there is the opposite data saying the system causes more accidents than they prevent due to the blinding flashes and induced anxiety.  And just to confuse the hell out of us, they aren’t enforcing the cameras in Los Angeles anymore, but that doesn’t go for Los Angeles county, and nobody ever knows what city they’re actually in anyway – is this Los Angeles or West Hollywood?  No its Culver City… but wait that sign says Hollywood… but Hollywood isn’t actually a separate city it is part of Los Angeles and you’re not in Culver City you’re on Culver City Blvd.  And we wonder why the Mexican community doesn’t bother learning to speak English… they just don’t want to get as confused as the rest of us.  I have a headache.  What happened to the good old days when the only traffic regulations we needed were a few crotchety old men sitting on their porch with a cup of iced tea waving their fists at cars passing by bitching about “kids these days”?

My point is this – I agree with “liberals” on most social issues.  But we have to get over the impulse to throw our blame at any one person.  And we have to stop taking things so personally.  True racism is almost dead, only ignorance and resentment remain (some will argue that is still a form of racism – you’re correct but you get my point).  As it stands, no amount of creative Leviticus twisting is going to make the pope start marching in gay pride parades.  That doesn’t make the pope a homophobic gay basher.  Stop being terrified of everything and everyone, and stop pretending you can change someone’s beliefs with enough logical arguments or statistics.

Whoever gets elected, we’re pretty damn screwed unless we change our attitudes.  But take comfort in this; everyone IS out to get you and big brother IS watching you.  But big brother is also watching everyone who is out to get you too.

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  1. April 13, 2012 7:05 pm

    The problem with labels like liberal and conservative is that when you’re talking about individual issues there are many sides. Things are not always black and white.

    • April 13, 2012 7:58 pm

      Exactly. I’d actually take it a half step further and say black and white don’t exist at all. Thanks for reading!

  2. April 22, 2012 6:15 am

    Excellent piece. And it reminds me of something one of my former professors told me: Always be willing to listen to scholars and pundits with whom you think you might disagree and you will learn something new every time. I love the title (LOL).

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