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Welcome to my Mind, Does Anything Look Familiar?

June 24, 2012

My mother, brother, gradparents (paternal) and of course, me! I’m the happy one, not the embarrassed/bored one.

Warning:  If you know me personally, this post may thoroughly blow your mind.

For some reason I have been drawn to parenting forums lately.  I always hesitate to give parents advice because I am not a parent and I am afraid I will either be dismissed as unqualified or even worse – I will give bad advice which will start a chain of events ending in serious psychological disorders.  But I finally realized why I am really good at working with children; although I am an adult, my brain still works exactly the same way it did when I was a child! Read more…


When in Doubt, Throw Him Out (and don’t forget to change the locks)

June 23, 2012

Photo - Wikimedia Commons; Author: CMEarnstFirst, a little background.  I was perusing a website yesterday which will remain nameless where I stumbled upon a request for support which I couldn’t resist responding to (no, the site wasn’t StumbleUpon).  To summarize:

A parent was talking about his/her 18-year-old son whom they have decided – after painstaking deliberation and trying everything in the book – to kick out of their house.  They compared him to a ‘typical rebellious teen’ who says inexcusable things to them despite their kindness and patience.  He doesn’t work or do chores, he has no sense of responsibility or accountability and he has been stealing money and selling their things to buy marijuana.  They referred to his friends as losers and compared him to a terrorist.

Before I share my response (which I feel was not sufficiently appreciated by that particular audience) I must point out a few observations from the original post: Read more…

My Mommy Says I’m Special

June 21, 2012

Image – Fox News/YouTube

Special is a funny word. One might even say it is a special word. The word can imply greatness, value and affection, but at the same time imply high maintenance, abnormality, uncertainty and vulnerability.

Take a moment and think – when someone calls you special how does it make you feel about yourself?

It is really very confusing – is it a good thing or a bad thing to be special? In roughly third grade, children realize this duality of meaning and play it to their advantage in the battle for playground dominance Read more…

Dear GLBT Community

June 8, 2012

Dear GLBT Community,

Please go home and stop coming to Los Angeles gay pride. I love each of you and in small groups you are great company, but we can only fit so many people in West Hollywood at any given time. Might I suggest coming back sometime in November? It’s bad enough when President Obama came to visit and made me sit in traffic for 4 hours, and now it’s taking me over an hour to just drive through the intersection of Hollywood and Franklin. I think I am going to officially declare myself straight until the end of the weekend. I guess I hope you have fun while you’re here but next year please go to NYC or Provincetown instead.

Thank You

Dear President Obama

June 7, 2012

Dear President Obama,

Please kindly get the hell out of Los Angeles and don’t come back. I really want to like you but if it ever takes me 4 hours to drive 5 miles again I may have to register as a Republican. If you look hard enough I am sure you can find campaign funds elsewhere.

Thank You

The Final Stretch of a Difficult Year

June 5, 2012

Ok, it has been too long since my last post and I am not going to let this blog fade away.  The ironic thing is that I have actually written a lot in the last two weeks, but my mind has raced so much lately that I can’t seem to finish any of the pieces I have started.  I have a document folder that is packed with over a dozen great (in my opinion) posts that are anywhere between 50% – 75% done.  Then there are another dozen or so in the under 50% category, not to mention the countless great ideas I haven’t actually started yet.

So in an effort to be consistent with my output, my goal is to publish one substantial post every week on Sunday evenings/Monday mornings.  I will still scatter in various rants throughout the week as inspiration arises.

I want to make the rest of this post a little more personal than normal.  Hopefully it will help me center my thoughts and regain my focus without feeling like I have to write something extremely deep and meaningful every time I start to write.

I suppose I have been particularly distracted lately because we are approaching the end of the school year.  This week in particular has been very emotional for me.  At my previous school, one graduation requirement is the senior exhibition.  Read more…

‘Bully’ is the new ‘Gay’

May 25, 2012


I recently have had a conversation with a friend that made me want to write about issues of privacy, harassment and bullying in our current information age.

Many people are afraid of things like Facebook and the internet in general because of how they compromise our safety and privacy. For people with a history of being bullied or who deal with social anxiety of any type, these fears can be overwhelming. I avoided things like Facebook for a long time myself for many of these reasons. Read more…

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